Friday, May 27, 2011

I've been MIA a few weeks. I've had lots of goings on to share but just didn't sit down to blog. We have been officially finished with school since the end of April but we've been during bible study and some math. The bible study comes straight from DD13 MFW WHL high school curriculum. I thought we should get a jump start on it by doing it as a family so she will be ahead in her Bible credit come fall.

The biggest time consumer of the last two weeks has been this guy:

He is 3 months old so we are going through the potty training stage and keeping him on a schedule. He is a lovable little guy. So needless to say all of my time has been centered around him.

(this is an updated pic from 4th of July weekend)

Secondly, I've been selling off my homeschool items from last year and looking forward to all of the great resources for next year. I posted DD13 high school curriculum a few weeks back along with pictures but for DD12 I stumbled upon Hewitt Homeschool Resources and decided to do their Lightning Literature 7 with her. I am so excited about this find. I'll be using IEW's phonetic zoo B with her as well. I've purchased both of these used online and I'm very pleased with saving money compared to purchasing new.

Speaking of saving money. The family and I caught the show Extreme Couponing on TLC last week. It's the first time I ever saw the show and I was inspired. I'm not sure how to pay pennies for carts full of groceries but I did manage to buy 4 body washes and 3 deodorants from CVS for $4.65. That's a good start right? It has turned into a family affair. My husband set up and Excel spreadsheet to manage the coupons, the girls cut and enter them into the spreadsheet, and I scour the paper matching the sale and coupons. Here is what my kitchen table looks like:

What a great impromptu lesson on shopping and computer skills. The incentive is we get to keep any money we save in the grocery budget for the many homeschool "extras" we want to do next school year. So we will see how it goes. The summer is pretty laid back so while I have the time on my hands I figure now is as good a time as any to try this out.

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