Wednesday, June 16, 2010


We are on vacation this week. But always learning. Here is my favorite pic from the Kennedy Space Center visit.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

So much to be thankful for . . .

I am amazed at the list created by this homeschooling mom
Following her lead I thought I would try to see how many I can come up with. I'm sure she didn't create her list of over 100 items in one day. So here goes:

My gifts for which I am grateful, the blessings and grace enjoyed in this life:

1. The love of a good man (my husband)
2. A God fearing mother who taught me the fear of the Lord
3. Salvation's free
4. second chances
5. a best friend
6. 3 healthy girls
7. the sound of birds that sing in the morning
8. homeschooling freedom in all 50 states
9. forgiveness
10. panera bagels
11. a good cup of coffee
12. Ross & Marshalls :)
13. a good bargain
14. an unexpected check in the mail
15. learning something new
16. knowing an alternative route in traffic
17. a warm hello
18. blue, see through water
19. Sunday drives
20. Thanksgiving dinner
21. watching Football with my BFF
22. VIP treatment
23. laughs that make you cry
24. traveling as a passenger
25. homemade baked goods
26. summer cook outs
27. new friendships
28. clean sheets
29. fall weather
30. a good word
31. songs that make you cry
32. talks with children
33. talks with wise elders
34. a compliment
35. things that move you to action
36. accomplishing a goal
37. the feeling you get after a good workout
38. overcoming temptation
39. visible growth
40. fresh vegetables
41. Mexican food
42. girls night out
43. Christian radio
44. good conversation
45. a dress that fits just right
46. pedicures
47. time to think
48. trailblazers
49. acceptance
50. an honest opinion

Alright . . . 50 is a good start!

Friday, June 4, 2010


For awhile I didn't share the fact that I homeschooled so that I could stay focused on what I was doing and to give myself a chance to get my footing. Now that I've been at it for 20 weeks (yes, 20 whole weeks!) now I share more confidently, many times trying to bottle my enthusiasm as to not come off as "you should be doing this too!" The inevitable question from most people is "what made you decide to do that?"
I've yet to come up with a to the point, concise answer. I would love to hear what other homeschoolers say in response to that question.

I have no idea who reads this blog outside of people I know and most of them don't homeschool :) so it will be interesting to see if I get any responses. OK . .. go ahead . . . hit "post a comment" (laughing)...

Thursday, June 3, 2010

At some point you have to say no more . . .

I'm talking about buying books. I just keep finding things that I think would be great to incorporate in our homeschool. For the last two days JW and I have been at the CC practicum where I've been learning more about the classical model of education. JW has been in a logic camp. What is a logic camp? Well, Logic is one of the classes she will be introduced to next year, so from what she told me today they did different activities to identify opinion and fact statements. You really have to understand classical education to get it but within the logic class they are taught how to critically think through statements that people make, how to discern truth from fallacy and make arguments that can be supported by truth. A big part of the program is writing, speaking and debating. The debates which are introduced in high school really make the kids examine the truths in their Christian faith as revealed in the bible and teaches them skills to defend their faith. Logic is foundational to debate. So I purchased all the books she will be using next year along with some great grammar finds to begin teaching grammar to the younger two and myself as well.

The kids are so excited about summer vacation. I'm excited about having them all home finally. I'm also excited about getting them into summer reading and math which they just can't understand why I'm so excited about "school." I just believe its been a wonderful gift God has given me - the privilege of being totally responsible to nurture and teach his children at home. Here is the conclusion I've come to - homeschooling and adoption are such a wonderful effective tool to raise up mighty warriors for God's army. OK where did adoption come from? That's another story for another time maybe another blog. But here is a treat - A family with such a heart for God's children. Their story resonates with me.


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