Sunday, September 26, 2010

This is my first attempt at a weekly wrap up. This is week 6 of the homeschooling year and this week I felt like we've been doing the same routine day in and day out so Thursday when we began school I felt spontaneous. I called another homeschool friend and we spent the late morning at a nearby park.
The kids had a blast and I enjoyed catching up with a friend. I think that's what I've been missing for the last 6 weeks - some out of the house time. In the same spirit of breaking up the monotony I am planning to visit the farm for Harvest Festival next week.

Classical Conversations - My oldest daughter has been doing great in her Challenge A class. She is self motivated and daily attacks her subjects one by one and gets it all done. She hasn't been able to memorize everything for the week in all subjects but she is making progress. Her Natural science has been a great learning experience in using the library and the Internet to do research and the material "sticks" because she can focus on one topic at a time. Saxon 8/7 doesn't seem to be a big challenge. When they break in December for a month, I plan to start her in pre-Algebra.

Math - The younger two are making progress in all subjects. I had to switch from Saxon 3 to Math-U-See for my 4th grader's math but the transition has been smooth. My 4th grader and 6th grader practiced memorizing times tables together.

Language Arts - We are at the end of our grammar lessons for the 8 parts of speech, we've been reviewing this since Day 1 of school. This coming week will be a review as we prepare to begin the Student Writing Intensive A from IEW. I am excited about beginning this curriculum. Oldest daughter has been using the bible-based lessons in Challenge A and her writing has dramatically improved.

Science - Gathered a collection of leaves for 4g & 6g to classify according to margin, shape, venation, and arrangement in keeping with the notebooking activities from Exploring Creation with Botany.

History - Tapestry of Grace Week 4 - study of Charlemagne. Listened to the Story of the World on CD. The girls listened to these on their own and summarize the CD for me so I know what is going on.

Bible - attempted our first lapbook on the Fruit of the Spirit. This was truly spur of the moment as we were all a little "testy" with one another when the week began.

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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Visitor at my door

I put out the trash tonight through the garage door and was met by the most unlikely creature. Maybe this visitor would be a welcomed guest in a house full of boys. But in a house full of girls - this guest is unwelcome. I can't think of anything worst than FROGS!!! I don't even want to leave the house tomorrow for fear of meeting him again.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm here just so busy doing 1000 things everyday. Some necessary and some temporarily necessary (stuff I add to my life to achieve a short-term goal but cost me in time and energy). I had to find another math curriculum for my 4th grader as Saxon Math 3 isn't organized in the way that the higher grades are organized and it just isn't working for me. I just don't get the separate Teacher's Edition book and the way concepts are introduced. It seems like there isn't good scope and sequence. I'm buying a used copy of Horizons Math and I'm praying for a better outcome. I had my 4th grader do placement tests for Math U See and Horizons and its amazing how different programs can be and what they teach when. I really don't like switching gears midstream but I can't take what I'm using now another day. Another change - I got the SOTW CDs at 50% off regular price from eBay so the kids can listen to the History Read Alouds. Well worth the investment. Everyone pays real close attention to be sure not to miss a word.


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