Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Family of 8 is again a family of 5

There is rarely a slow moment in our household.  This week has been no different.  However, we are enjoying the quietness of the house as our foster kids went back home this past Friday.  We have had them for a total of 18 months with a few weeks break when they briefly returned home last summer.  Even though I believe it is what's best for the children in the long run, I still strangely miss them.  It's only been a few days so of course I think about them daily. I feel sporadic twinges of grief every now and again but I believe it will pass in time.  I must admit not getting up to get kids off to school is great!  Being out and about without having to be back by a certain time is nice too.  The girls and I spent the weekend window shopping in the 60 degree weather we had over the weekend.  We really have forgotten how things used to be before the kids came.

Don't thing I don't have plenty to keep me busy.  I found a new community service activity for us to do as a family.  Similar to what we did at the Emergency shelter I blogged about here.  The girls volunteered at the Ronald McDonald house in Delaware with family last year so I found a Ronald McDonald house near where we are to do the same.  We have to prepare a dinner at the house for the family staying there.  I just need to sign up for my night and arrive with the ingredients to prepare the meal.
Ronald McDonald House

We are also all preparing to do a domestic missions trip this July.  The girls have to fund raise to get there but they will be traveling with the church youth to minister in the inner city of Detroit, MI.  It is all part of the Rebuild America campaign our church is a part of.  They are really excited.  I am just praying we can get all the funds raised so that they can go.  I might go as well now that I don't have small kids at home this summer.  This family of 5 is on the move again.

Social Services asked if we wanted to continue on as a foster family.  A lot has changed since we initially said yes 18 months ago.  It isn't physically possible to continue as a foster family at this time.  We are living in temporary quarters.  Also, who knew the emotional toll it would take on us all?  Even if we could continue I would need a huge break and I think I would wait until my kids are all gone.  

Sunday, February 16, 2014

What I love about having teenagers

I thank God that I don't have the issues other adults complain about when their kids become teenagers.  I really enjoy my teens.  They are actually a lot of fun.  They have unique personalities and those personalities are expressed in many different ways.

This week we hung out shopping.  I sat in the dressing room most of the time as they don't appreciate my fashion sense or advice.

Princess and I talked about her community college class and how laid back her instructor is.  The teacher lacks structure and clear expectations.  I enjoyed listening to her frustrations and thinking about how far she's come academically.

We even enjoyed our school time.  They complain about having to go to the library to do school 3 times a week but it makes for 3-4 hours of uninterrupted study time and no in and out of the kitchen for snacks.

We had a snow day this week and schools were closed yet again.  We still had a school day but the snow day creativity showed up anyway.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What got done?

Do you ever feel like you do so much but don't know what actually gets done?  At one time I was so proud of myself for getting all the girls' lesson plan sheets done, I read the books they were reading so we could have meaningful conversation, and gave immediate feedback on graded papers and tests.  Now my kids are asking me, "mom did you read the paper yet?"  Really?  How do I get so behind.

I stopped putting dates at the top of the lesson plan sheets so I wouldn't feel so guilty about being behind.  I jokingly said "I get the prize for worst homeschool mom of the year this year."  Pumpkin says I say that every year.  Perhaps I should be a little easier on myself.

On a good note I've decided to have everyone go to the library 3 times a week so that I can clearly see that everyone worked consistently for 3-4 hours a day.  The library opens at 10 so there is no reason we can't all get dressed and fed by then.  We did good this week and I can check the box on that lesson plan sheet that something got done.

Now if I can keep this up through June that would really be an accomplishment.


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