Tuesday, March 27, 2012

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

IHOP Pancakes ...Oh my!

The highlight of the week was attending a one hour program at IHOP. The staff took the group through the IHOP kitchen where the kids got a chance to flip pancakes on the grill and learn about the way the IHOP kitchen works (no, I didn't get pictures but I'm waiting for the restaurant to send me the pics they took). Then the kids made their own pancakes with all the fixins on an electric grill set up in our sitting area. The girls got a chance to socialize with their best buddies at a booth of their own. The moms had their own social hour at a booth of their own. Best of all, they get a button that entitles them to a free kids meal every time they visit our neighborhood IHOP until the age of 13. Awesome! They left with goodie bags containing coupons, nick nacs, and a coveted IHOP mug. I'm excited to drink coffee & tea at home in an IHOP mug. It's just the little things that make life grand.

What else got done this week? Hmm...let's see. Sent off two applications for a Math & Science summer program. The application required a 200 word essay from my 9th & 7th grader so that counted as Language Arts. Princess is working on another application for a summer program at my alma mater. My fingers are crossed for this one. It's one of the cheapest summer programs I've found for high schoolers and she gets to take a Math, Science, and History class. I don't believe its too early to be thinking about these types of programs as I want to make her transcript attractive for college admissions. Making sure she is rich in outside academic experiences is a top priority. I can't believe so many of these programs are $1500+. I'm going to have to start saving now for next summer. I also gave her a sampling of 7 PSAT questions dealing with sentence errors from this site and she didn't fare well. Obviously, there is a lot of work to be done at home as well. This site was helpful to me as well in understanding testing strategies. I know it is technically two years away but it's never to early to start preparing, right?

One last thing. I was suppose to load a photo of DD10's project from her Engineering for Kids classes I mentioned in the last wrap-up. Well a robotic arm was the final project. Here it is:

Well that about wraps it up for us around here. We are still chugging along in our curriculum; still behind but I'm making adjustments.
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