Monday, July 12, 2010

An Elightening Trip to the Doctor

Whenever we visit the library I always peruse the homeschooling section and look through books I haven't read yet as the kids look for books they want to check out. I left with HomeSchooling The Right Choice! by Christopher Klicka and Beyond Survival by Diana Waring. Reading through the sections of Klicka's book I was most intrigued with the chapters dealing with Children's rights, Social Workers, and Doctors. As I read these sections I was reminded of the well-child visit appointment for my soon to be 13 year old a few weeks ago. I thought it was a little weird that the Nurse Practitioner asked my dd a series of questions that dealt with how she feels about herself, if there was anything she didn't like about herself, etc., to which my dd answered "not really." So she further asked "well there is something that everybody wishes were different about themselves ... on and on, can you think of something like that?" I was like what the? So the NP informs me that at age 13 my child has the right to a private doctor's visit. huh? If the child objects to the parent being in the room then by law I have to stay out of the room. She goes on to tell me that there were standard questions they ask focusing on teen issues like alcohol, drug abuse (I can't even remember what else she said). My dd innocently asked why wouldn't I want my mom in the room? My thoughts exactly! On one hand I do understand for the children that are at risk for various abuses these laws go on the books to protect them but you can't help to think the more government imposes on the rights of parents the more it undermines the authority of the parent. I could tell the NP was a little taken a back by my reaction to what she was saying but I just explained that I am very involved in my kids lives and education on those topics are supplied by her parents. It still causes me to have an emotional reaction - the audacity of some laws to interfere with the training of my children. Which brings me back to the books from the library. Klicka spoke about the importance of the HSLDA and the work they do on behalf on homeschooling families. He gave many examples of families who have received knocks on the door from authorities because a neighbor saw kids playing outside during school hours or they were in dirty clothes (boys playing in creek, etc.) Just one allegation can open up an frivolous investigation because people don't understand the legality of homeschooling. It was eye opening but good information. I think I may join the HSLDA or not play outside before 3 pm. Just kidding.


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  2. You got offended because you are doing nothing wrong in your case. However, let us not forget that there are lots of situations in which children do need protection from their parents or others. And there have been cases ending in tragedy where neighbors noticed things they thought they should have reported, but did not. I am a homeschooler as well and appreciate the legal work done on our behalf. But I also understand and respect the need for child protective law. Your children should count themselves tremendously blessed that they do not have a need for them.



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