Saturday, August 21, 2010

Easing into the New School Year

Yesterday I explained the History notebooking system to my younger girls who've never been homeschooled and we started in the first 2 chapters of SOTW. Boy do I love the way SOTW teaches history in a storytelling fashion. Because my rising 8th grader is preparing for high school after this year I am second guessing myself as to whether she should be doing the "standard" American history or join us in our study of the Middle Ages with TOG. Between her first semester study of history in public school and her second semester with me we started with Jamestown and barely began the Civil War when summer began. However, public school did some WWII & WWI studies first semester. Part of me feels like we should keep going until we hit modern times but I really don't want to divide myself between the Middle Ages and the Post-Modern era. What to do??

Won't she get enough American History in high school for me to not really worry about it?

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