Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm here just so busy doing 1000 things everyday. Some necessary and some temporarily necessary (stuff I add to my life to achieve a short-term goal but cost me in time and energy). I had to find another math curriculum for my 4th grader as Saxon Math 3 isn't organized in the way that the higher grades are organized and it just isn't working for me. I just don't get the separate Teacher's Edition book and the way concepts are introduced. It seems like there isn't good scope and sequence. I'm buying a used copy of Horizons Math and I'm praying for a better outcome. I had my 4th grader do placement tests for Math U See and Horizons and its amazing how different programs can be and what they teach when. I really don't like switching gears midstream but I can't take what I'm using now another day. Another change - I got the SOTW CDs at 50% off regular price from eBay so the kids can listen to the History Read Alouds. Well worth the investment. Everyone pays real close attention to be sure not to miss a word.

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