Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year, New Beginnings

The packing is getting intense. I'm still trying to maintain some normalcy in our homeschool routine. With so much time off during the holidays and then straight into moving it puts a lot of pressure on the schedule. One thing I would really like to do is be more intentional about our devotional time together in the morning. Using MFW materials will really help with this because its built into the curriculum. I already have the younger two memorizing the first chapter of James as prescribed in the Exploration to 1850 lesson plans. I remember last summer when I first starting planning out the year "prayer circle time" was part of my plan but when I began working 6 - 9 am I rushed right into academics neglecting that important devotional time. This will soon change.

Hope you had a productive week. Join the weekly wrap up by visiting the weird, unsocialized homeschoolers blog and sign up and see what other homeschooling families have been doing this week.

Here is how our week wrapped up:

Monday - "Fill in the blank" test made at using last week's vocabulary words from Wordly Wise. After the girls do their daily exercises in their Workbooks I will be using this site to test their knowledge of that week's words every Monday. Daily Grammar sheet. Day's math lesson. Finished menu project. Girls had to come up a menu of 3 meals and two snacks using the FDA's nutrition guidelines for Science.

Tuesday - Daily grammar sheet with Easy Grammar. Daily exercise with Wordly Wise. Daily math lesson. History reading and timeline work on the Renaissance using Kingfisher's History Encyclopedia and introduction to Renaissance artist Sandro Botticello.

Wednesday - Usual daily work in the morning with the rest of the day spent at the new house helping my husband lay ceramic tile in the kitchen. It was actually kind of fun.

Thursday - Usual daily work plus IEW writing lesson.

Friday - playing with homeschool friends.

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