Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I think I know myself pretty well. For whatever reason, I have days where I feel really motivated and we get a lot accomplished during school. Then there are other days where I don't feel too motivated so it is really a relaxed day. I guess its pretty normal for no one day to be the same in our homeschool but I hate to get behind from week to week because of a "relaxed" day. We've been pretty consistent with daily lessons in Easy Grammar, Math, writing assignment from IEW once/twice a week but I haven't assigned any literature reads. The girls make their own choices at the library but this week I though we should all read a book from the Chronicles of Narnia.

DD9 and I are reading Price Caspian and DD11 is ready the Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
DD13 had to read the Magician's Nephew as part of the Classical Conversations curriculum and that got her interested in reading all the books in the series. So why not join her was my thought? It's not part of my curriculum plan but why not go with the flow. So I am 3/4 of the way through Prince Caspian, can't believe how much I love it!

My DD9 said I saw the movie but I don't remember. I'll have to see if the library has it so I can watch it again. So what did we do this week?

In addition to our "daily" dose of Math, Easy Grammar, and Wordly Wise Vocabulary, this is what we accomplished:

MONDAY - I usually do Science on Tue/Thurs but if I miss a day I'll do a Mon/Wed to catch up. This was the case on Monday. We studied the function of human blood and blood types. Worked in a bit of Art as well by sketching the make-up of one quart of human blood. Finished up a 3 part writing assignment in IEW.

Tuesday - planning for a Valentine's "Love Thy Neighbor" party we are having with friends on next Monday. We are making cards and decorations. Piano Lessons for DD9.

Wednesday - this was my unmotivated day. We started the day by catching A Baby Story on TLC and Make Room for Multiples. There were a lot of grimacing faces as my girls saw for the very first time babies being born. Eeek! This can fall under Health Education, right?

Thursday - Worked on elements of a Lapbook we are doing on the Renaissance/Reformation. Made a mini booklet of the Early American Explorers.

Friday - Since moving put us 15 minutes farther from the Classical Conversations campus my daughter goes to, I'm deciding to stay in the area until it is to time to pick up DD13 from class. DD11 & DD9 and I will spend the morning at the library doing some lessons then head over to a friend's for some PE time.

Nothing glitzy or glamorous .... but a good week.

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  1. I know what you mean. I think it all depends on the parent's attitude, but it looks like y'all had a great week. Our schedule changes from day to day and mood to mood.

  2. We have the Naria series on CD as well as the books. But we'd rather listen to the CDs, cuz all the different voices. It's awesome!! I hope they continue to make the movies. The Final battle is our favorite, but we doubt they'll make it. :(



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