Monday, October 8, 2012

Beyoutiful Products

Well it's not everyday you get to review skincare products on a homeschool blog but that is just what I am about to do.  At The OldSchoolhouse review crew, we got an opportunity to review products from  I don't wear make-up everyday and most people tell me I don't need it but everyone wants a finished look every now and again so I chose to review the make-up products.  I usually wear make-up on Sundays when I go to church.  Even the clerk at the grocery store yesterday  commented on  how nice I looked.  I know one should just say thank you but I couldn't help but to say "I know, all the other times I come in here I look a mess."

I had to choose 3 sample colors from the website to try before selecting the one product I would receive in the mail to review.  To say that this was a daunting task is an understatement.  Looking at colors on the computer or even on paper is so very different from actually trying the colors on the skin.  Nonetheless, I choose three foundational colors that I received in the mail.  I followed the instructions for testing each color on my skin tone.  I choose the one I felt closely matched along with two eye colors to try and received the full product in the mail a week or so later.    Coincidentally, on the week of my birthday, I received:

1 Foundation color
1 Foundation brush
1 Eye/lip color
1 Multi-purpose brush
Minimalistic Dream Makeup PackageRetail value: $53

Since I reached a milestone birthday I felt like celebrating.  I wore the make-up everyday of that week!  I got that finished look I like along with complementary eye color that I adore.  Beyoutiful skin mineral make up is all pure, natural with no chemicals, preservatives or fillers.   They have over 20 foundation colors from the lighest skin tones to the darkest skin tones and over 45 eye colors, blushes and bronzers.  There is a how-to video at their website that gives instruction on how to apply their make-up.   Make-up packages start at $52.00.
In addition to the beeyoutifulskin care line of products there are a host of other health products at their website.  These products include essential oils, vitamins, supplements, and so many other products. These products are worth a look especially for the conscious consumer who is interested in all natural products.

See what my other "crew mates" thought of Beeyoutifulskin here.

Disclaimer: As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine


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