Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Working 9 to 5, what a way to make a living!

There are some days that I wish a camera would follow me around so I can see the footage of just how crazy a homeschooling SAHM's life really is.  It kind of went like this:

5:45 am - alarm goes off.  I usually get up by 6 am but didn't get up until 6:07 at which time I had a headache and just knew I couldn't get kid #5 on the bus by 6:30 am so I stay in bed until 7:24.

7:24 am - I get kid #4 up and lay his clothes out for school and head downstairs to put his breakfast in the toaster, pack his snack, and sign his homework folder.  I pour kid #5 a bowl of cereal.

7:57 am - Leave for bus which I had to drive to the end of the street to get. 

8:10 am - return home to prepare grits and bacon for myself and sit at table to think about what needs to be done for the day.  Begin to wash kid #5's hair in preparation for parent visit later that day and put beans into crockpot to cook for dinner.   I decide to make a doctor's appt for kid #5 (for some issues she is having) and check email. 

9:00 am -12 pm -  call doctor who says the office is booked.  I put on my desperation voice to which she replied that if I could come right away they would see her (kid #5).  I woke kid #1 to watch kid #6 (still sleeping) and headed out to doctor's office.  Waited in receptionist area until close to 10 am but got the prescription I needed and headed to Kohl's (kid #'5's school shoes were on their last leg). First I had to stop at Wawa to get a Caramel Latte.  I  picked up a few items at Kohls and headed to pharmacy to pick up prescription.  There were complications with the insurance so I headed back home to make phone calls and send emails to the social worker regarding the issue.


12:30 - 1 pm - Kid #1 is working diligently in her room.  Kid #2 is listening to an audio book of Jane Eyre and Kid #3 is doing only God knows what.  But they come down for lunch and receive lecture from me on what they should be accomplishing.  Kid #6 had a bomb in his diaper so I took him upstairs for bathing and dressing while Kid #5 watched Dora the Explorer.  First I had to clean the tub that 6 kids share.  After bath time, I return and Kid #5 & 6 want lunch.  I heat up leftovers and fruit.  They want a hotdog but I don't have buns or bread.  Kid #3 wants PB&J so now I have to run to the store to pick up bread and olive oil that Kid #2 needs for a science experiment. 

2 pm - Upon returning from store, I attempt to get Kid #5 & 6 ready for parent visit when social worker calls to say visit has been canceled.  I ask him about the insurance issue which he promises to get back to me on that.  I go downstairs where the dry erase board is located to go over two math problems Kid #2 didn't quite get on her work assignments.  But we couldn't start until she found her math notebook which took about 10  minutes.  I eat some of the soup I made the night before as I wait. 

3 pm - I straighten and pick up in family room and wash my dishes from the morning.  I go upstairs to do some grooming of my own and to make up my bed.  I wash out the conditioner that has been sitting in Kid #5's hair for a few hours.  I sat and groomed her hair with bows and hair band that we picked up from Kohls this morning.  

3:30 pm - We all greet Dad who just got home.  He is hungry so I fix him the rice that I put on a little earlier with smoked sausage and red beans that has been simmering in the crockpot all day with a cornbread muffin from last night's dinner.  

4 pm - Kid #2 and I walk the long way around the community to the bus stop to pick up Kid #4.  We had planned to go to the Y to work out while Kids #3-6 were visiting with their mom but since that didn't happen today we decided to walk instead.  The dog tags along.  When I return the social worker calls with details about prescription coverage and asks for the pharmacy # to get it all straightened out.

5 pm - Kid #4 & 5 are hungry so I prepare #4 the crockpot meal but #5 wants PBJ and an apple.
Then the pharmacy calls and says the prescription is ready.  I head out to get it along with a gallon of milk and some other items at the store. 

6 pm - give a Geometry test that Kid #1 says she is ready to take.  

At least at a traditional 9 to 5 there is a lunch break where you can actually leave everyone else behind and have a little time to yourself.  

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