Wednesday, November 6, 2013

It's all done!

So as of 12 noon November 1st we are all moved out of our house ready to move on to the next chapter in our lives. This is the same week I lost my grandma who was 96 years old. To say it's been a busy week is an understatement. A neighbor asked how I was doing and I paused. She replied in robot mode, huh? Yea..that's where I am. Robot mode. But one task is done, now moving on to the others - getting the new place set up so we can have some sense of organization, getting new library cards, finding a new piano teacher, finding the youngest kid a new preschool and registering his siblings for school. All in a day's work for this busy mom.

In all the rush of the week, up and down the road and packing the car 4 times here is what the best neighbor ever did. She brought us dinner - soup, pigs in a blanket, cupcakes, pumpkin roll and drinks.  It's the thoughtful things in life that can really make your day.

Before we moved to this neighborhood, I prayed for really great neighbors. I got just what I prayed for now we have to leave it all behind. I'm sure God has a fresh supply of good neighbors waiting for us wherever he shall lead us.


  1. Hi, it's Jackie stopping by from your link-up at the November Let's Homeschool High School Blog Hop.

    I am so sorry about the loss of your precious grandmother. I am sure your kids will benefit from her legacy.

    Moving is NEVER fun in my opinion. LOL What a blessing to have found great neighbors. God is soooo good!

    Anyway, I just wanted to personally thank you for linking up with this month. I look forward to reading your post in next month's link up. I always come away from your posts feeling good.



    Let's Homeschool High School Team Member



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