Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Help pt 2

The bottom line is ...I didn't make it.  My body rejected anything that had to do with staying up between 11 pm - 4 am.  No amount of caffeine or chocolate resolved the issue.  So I clocked 25 working hours then I was done!  The amount of money made in that time takes less than an hour to spend.  I'm not sure if it was worth it or not.  But I'm all for new experiences.

There are a lot of new experiences in our household this month.  The year 2013 goes down as the year of transition.  There has been so much to adjust to this year and its only by His Grace that each and every day is won.

But this is a homeschooling blog so I would like to focus on what has been successful in this school year thus far:

1.  Public School classes have been great for Princess both socially and academically.  It's not that the class instruction has been so great but she has been forced to rely on herself to seek out resources so that she can learn the skills that are being introduced.  Lackluster teaching and unmotivated peers are not an excuse for failing.  You are responsible for your own learning.

2.  Videotext Math Online.  No book to tote around.  Everything is online.  Sometimes I can check Pumpkin's work away from home and only print out quizzes and tests for recordkeeping.  Having the video instruction is great!

3.  My Father's World is always a winner in our home.  When I am lesson planning for my oldest and youngest, I am so grateful that MFW has done all the work for me.

4.  Outsource Grading.  I've used the same outside grader for this school year to grade high school writing papers.  I love the outside accountability and justification for my writing instruction.  She gives great feedback and her grades are right on point with my own assessment.

I am often inconsistent and have so many obligations.  I don't always spend enough time with each child and sometimes I doubt if I am doing a good job.  This is when it is good to take the time to reflect on what has been going well.  I know each year will not be perfect.  My kids are learning in and out of the "classroom."  I pray in the end it will all be good.

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