Sunday, February 16, 2014

What I love about having teenagers

I thank God that I don't have the issues other adults complain about when their kids become teenagers.  I really enjoy my teens.  They are actually a lot of fun.  They have unique personalities and those personalities are expressed in many different ways.

This week we hung out shopping.  I sat in the dressing room most of the time as they don't appreciate my fashion sense or advice.

Princess and I talked about her community college class and how laid back her instructor is.  The teacher lacks structure and clear expectations.  I enjoyed listening to her frustrations and thinking about how far she's come academically.

We even enjoyed our school time.  They complain about having to go to the library to do school 3 times a week but it makes for 3-4 hours of uninterrupted study time and no in and out of the kitchen for snacks.

We had a snow day this week and schools were closed yet again.  We still had a school day but the snow day creativity showed up anyway.

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  1. Same here!! I just love the chance to hang out with my teens. Plus, a little extra drama is a bonus to any life. ;)



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