Wednesday, April 21, 2010

April 21, 2010

We started the standardized testing this week. One of the track moms suggested Seton Testing. I took her suggestion because of the $25 price tag. I was going to use Stanford Testing in a group setting but by administering the Seton Test I save $25 and gain some convenience. The test seems really easy. It included elements that LLATL introduced in the lessons we covered so I was very happy with that. The math sections are pretty straight forward as well.

Including this week we have 9 weeks left before the "end of school" so I looked at the lessons that we still need to cover in LA, Math, & History and divided the work up into weekly lessons through the week of June 12th. I hadn't done that before I just planned based on covering at least so many hours weekly in each subject. But since we are close to the end I thought it best to break it up to make sure we get everything in. I will continue with Math, Reading, and Writing with everyone over the summer and I'll allow JW to finish any Science lessons we don't get to. I'm still putting together all my plans for next year with great anticipation. I'll be attending the CHAP Convention in Harrisburg, PA in a couple of weeks with a good friend. I'll be taking JW along for the ride as well. I'm looking forward to this rite of passage, especially the exhibit hall which so many people warn me about. I don't plan to buy anything unless there is an irresistable deal in the used curriculum sale. I plan to use;; and for all the texts I need for next year and I know exactly how much everything should cost.

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