Sunday, May 9, 2010

My first homeschool conference

I think the 3 hour drive kept me from fully enjoying everything the conference had to offer but it was still worth it. The exhibit hall was overwhelming. There were so many great books and resources - makes you want it all. I did stick with the resource list I plan to use next year and was able to buy them at a deep discount. I am always encouraged by others' stories so that was an encouragement when listening to the speakers.

I purchased the digital edition of Tapestry of Grace the night before I left and read through the program while out of town. I was actually able to plan out the first 2 weeks of school for 4th & 6th grader today along with the worksheets they will need to complete the lessons. Each child will have their own 3 ring binder divided up in 36 weeks with a checklist plan for each week's reading and writing assignments, worksheets that need completing, and any supplements to do hands-on projects. If I can keep up the pace to get the first 18 weeks done by Aug/Sept that would be an huge accomplishment.

Although I'm sure the plans I come up with will not be followed to the letter and there may be times that I have to tweek things it makes me feel like I have a game plan. I did the plans in pencil to leave room for flexibility.

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