Friday, June 4, 2010


For awhile I didn't share the fact that I homeschooled so that I could stay focused on what I was doing and to give myself a chance to get my footing. Now that I've been at it for 20 weeks (yes, 20 whole weeks!) now I share more confidently, many times trying to bottle my enthusiasm as to not come off as "you should be doing this too!" The inevitable question from most people is "what made you decide to do that?"
I've yet to come up with a to the point, concise answer. I would love to hear what other homeschoolers say in response to that question.

I have no idea who reads this blog outside of people I know and most of them don't homeschool :) so it will be interesting to see if I get any responses. OK . .. go ahead . . . hit "post a comment" (laughing)...

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  1. "We homeschool, in accordance with God's calling, so that our children will be God loving, African American, college-educated, healthy, productive, world citizens." We rarely get asked why we homeschool, but i have our mission statement memorized as a ready answer.



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