Friday, April 22, 2011

This week has been off beat, off schedule, full of surprises, and lots of fun.

- We were expecting friends from out of town to stay the night. We ran around all day preparing their sleeping spaces, pulling out the best towels and wash cloths, and buying food to host them. DD9 couldn't understand why all the fuss so she got an impromptu lesson on what it means to be hospitable. Two other mutual friends stopped by during the visit and all in all we had 12 kids between us. So much fun! So this day we will call all day PE.

Great women! Can you tell I was trying to hide?

Kids were asked to give the craziest pose:

Tuesday & Wednesday
were a blur as we were sleeping late and recovering from Monday. I think I went over some math problems, there was a piano lesson and we are attempting to make it through the 5 hour BBC movie Elizabeth R. Great story of the life of Elizabeth I as we are at this place in History. I wouldn't recommend looking at this without screening it first (which is difficult because it is 5 hours long). There is brief back nudity and some mild sexual inuendo. I have a 13, 11, and 9 year old so if they don't know by now that we are all naked without clothes I'm not sure if I've properly done my job. The nudity is in context and not vulgar so you will have to make a call on that. We are about 1/2 way through it so I'm not sure what else awaits me. I think this movie was put out in 1971.

- I purchased a jewelry beginner's set to get the girls' creative juices flowing. DD11 is really into accessories so she really enjoyed this activity. Needless to say I have to buy more items so they can continue creating.

Friday - I was soooooo excited when the door bell rang and I received this delivery:
{Box Closed}
{Box Open}

I will try to resist the temptation to go through every single piece of literature for the rest of the weekend in anticipation of what awaits us for 9th grade using My Father's World.

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  1. Awesome week. Company and new school books. Double bonus.

    Just popping in from the wrap-up.

  2. Look at all those GREAT books! (Did you start reading them? LOL) We're planning for 9th grade next year as well. Nice job on the jewelry! Stopping in from Weekly Wrap-up!


  3. How fun, looks like you guys had a great time! Exciting that you had a "box day" for books. I ordered one set of books and we are still waiting for them to arrive. I am planning 9th grade next year too! I can't believe my baby is getting so old!

  4. Love the jewelry, and it's SO exciting to get new curriculum (or books of any sort) in the mail, isn't it!?! :)

  5. Looks like a good year is coming up for you guys! Thanks for stopping by to visit me!

  6. I have had one of those crazy weeks, too. We had a prom and a dress rehearsal for dance on the same day, which meant that the house has gone "to pot," so to speak, as I worked all week to get us ready for Friday. Today is definite down time, and for that I'm thankful.

    Don't you love getting new curriculum? For us, most of it's just living books, but I enjoy getting those packages in the mail!

    I know what you mean about the nudity, etc. and trying to teach your children of given time periods. Have you covered Ancient Rome yet? Geesh! My son (almost 13) has had a whole secondary education that wasn't a part of plan A!



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