Sunday, September 2, 2012

Planning for school at the beach

We haven't started school yet.  Yikes!  Since 7/6/12 we've been incorporating 3 new kids into our family as we are a foster family.  We did training over a year ago and was never called so we just didn't think they would call.  All of a sudden with a house full of guests over a holiday weekend we were called.  I am just so glad we were called during the summer.  I don't know how I would have ever been able to do this in the middle of a school year.

Not only have I planned for the start of school for my own 3 but also for 2 of the 3 foster kids.  Of course this means dealing with the public school system.  What fun (sarcastically speaking).  As I am writing this we are finishing up our vacation week at the beach.  I made two phone calls while here to get the bus schedules so that I know what time to meet the bus on the first day of school - Tuesday. 
Based on this bus schedule I did a rough schedule of my own school day so that there is some sense of order in my home.  This year my day will start at 5:45 am.  My girls will get up by 7 and we will do devotionals/bible together for an hour before starting our school day.  I've scheduled 3 hours of nonstop academics twice daily.  Once in the morning before lunch and once after lunch.  I'm going to give the girls a weekly grid of all they need to accomplish and it is my goal to have no work spill over into a new week.  This means weekend work if necessary to get it all done.  I am ready to get back on a school schedule.  I have my vitamins all ready to go for the nonstop chaos I see in my future.

Tomorrow is my birthday so I plan to take it easy. We started celebrating early.  While here at the beach my family got together for dinner at a seafood restaurant.  My husband surprised me with a birthday/anniversary ring - WOW.  I am not partial to extravagant gifts but at 40 I think I'll accept it with gratitude. 

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