Thursday, March 14, 2013

Is there such a thing as too many educational choices?

You know the great thing about homeschooling is choice and flexibility and the worst thing about homeschooling is choice and flexibility.  When Princess was sick for a week I was able to move all of that week's assignments to the following week.  Since she has one outside course, Geometry, she had to take the following week to just do her Geometry assignments so that she could catch up with her class.  No problem.  It worked and if need be extending the school year will allow us to finish up everything that is planned.  Flexibility - check.

As I evaluate her many strengths and weaknesses, I am attempting to make decisions about next year's schedule.  We definitely want to take advantage of dual enrollment at the local community college and I'm very fortunate to have two colleges to choose from.  One is 20 minutes south and one is 15 minutes north.  I'm thinking about an Art History course one semester and Spanish I the second semester to help round out the Spanish she's done in Rosetta Stone Level One.  Literature/Composition and History is an easy option to do at home with an outside evaluator for composition.  However, I am at a fork in the road with Algebra II and Chemistry. Choice - check.

We attended an open house for a local university-model school on Wednesday.  She would attend 3 days a week and complete assignments at home on Tuesday/Thursday.  I like the concept and the school's mission but it is a costly option.  We HAVE to have math take place in a classroom setting.  It is just what is best for her.  Our current co-op won't offer Algebra II next year.   There is a second coop that will probably offer it but I think Princess wants a different social setting.  That point has us looking at the local public school for 2 courses.

In homeschool you can always change something that isn't working.  You can even leave a co-op if you choose but taking a course in public school, I don't know if it is so easy to change if we find it just isn't working out.  Furthermore, I am a believer in finishing what you start.   So I am looking down all paths just praying about what to do.  Decisions.....decisions.

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  1. Yes! LOL Sometimes I think there are too many choices, but mostly I'm glad that we have them! Especially for the middle school and high school levels. To challenge my oldest he is taking Coursera college level video instruction courses right now. (Free BTW.) All the best with your decisions!

    1. Thanks. Now I have to google Coursera courses - one more choice! :)



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