Friday, April 26, 2013

Landry Academy again!

Another great intensive with Landry Academy.  These guys are great!  We did the biology intensive for Princess back in September but this month we had the opportunity to do the physical science intensive for Pumpkin.  As usual she goes to anything that is academic in nature kicking and screaming.  However, when it is all said and done she has a really great time.

What I think is so funny about doing these types of things are the stories my kids tell afterward about working with other kids.  You tend to forget this (working in groups) as a homeschooler and probably take it for granted as a public/private school student.  In every group situation there is the "know it all," "the perfectionist," and "the do nothing."  It is enlightening to find out how my kid navigated the group project.  It is definitely a skill we all must master.

I love the big informative books Landry puts together for the kids.  All the blanks are filled in and the kids come home with a great sense of accomplishment.  They always give the kids lab homework on Day 1 which is graded by the Landry instructor, it all makes for 2 school days well spent.

My kids also enjoy the night away from all the mayhem we have in our home (with 6 kids in all).  They get to stay alone with grandma who so kindly agrees to pick up on Day 1 and drop off on Day 2.  Dinner out and breakfast are always included complements of grandma. 

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