Sunday, April 7, 2013

Spring has Sprung!

This week all the public school kids have been out on spring break.  The weather has been perfect for time off.  It was not my plan to have my girls off but it was kind of difficult to stay on schedule with our public school students home.

The girls discovered a creek which I believe is part of our waste storm management down hill from the neighborhood playground.  They've made several trips down there.  They are fascinated with the algae and other finds in the "creek".....homeschoolers.

The girls managed to get some math and grammar done and the high schooler is making progress on Moby Dick.  The highlight of our week was having my niece visit for the weekend.  My girls enjoy the company of their cousins and have so much fun together.  I wish she could've stayed longer but we hope to host her for a week in the summer.

Well its back to work next week.  Since April has arrived, I feel a sense of urgency to stay on track.  Before I know it summer will be here with all of its obligations (graduations, out of town trips, etc.) and I feel like we are behind.  This is one reason why I try not to take scheduled time off.  It is a race to the finish so that we can truly relax later. 

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