Thursday, August 8, 2013

My thoughts on homeschooling high school...

Seems like most moms begin their homeschool journey from the beginning. Not me.  The first student came home 2nd semester 7th grade and the others followed in 4th & 6th grade so I didn't have time to fear high school it was knocking down the door from the very beginning.

I had a friend come by this week looking at our high school materials and I shared some of my record keeping methods with her for high school.  She asked "but aren't you scared sometimes."  My answer was no. I can't say I wasn't ever a little worried but reading blogs and forums about other moms who'd been there done that was very reassuring.  These moms had homeschool graduates already in college with scholarships and some had graduates in great careers.  I figured if they had done it, I could do it too.

Here is advice #1 for any parent considering home school high school:

  • research, read,, books, university websites.  More colleges have catered their admission processes to homeschoolers because more of us are applying to college.
  • have a goal, and have a plan - EARLY.
  • seek out opportunities for your high schooler.
  • be flexible, and don't be afraid to change your mind.
The journey with Princess has been wonderful.  She loves homeschooling but she has had the privilege of experiencing public and private school.  She knows the good, bad, and the ugly.  She prefers her current situation.  One time while riding in the car she thanked me for homeschooling her.  She said it has given her the opportunity to rebuild her confidence.  The conversation brought tears to my eyes.

Having watched her over the last few years, I see that confidence.  I see her comfortable in her own skin.  She is no longer shy or afraid to express herself and communicate her ideas.   Just this past summer while participating in AdCamp (I blogged about it here), the college instructor facilitating the group made mention of Princess' ability to work well in a group.  She said "she listens to everyone, and synthesizes the information to come to one conclusion."  Proud mama moment right there.

I have two high schoolers this coming school year.  They are very different in skill, ability, and personality.  I pray for wisdom on how to steer them and for partnerships that will help sharpen their gifts and talents.   I am grateful for the opportunity to homeschool them.  I believe the future is very bright.  I take no all belongs to the giver of all wisdom and knowledge.  All good and perfect gifts come from Him.

Based on my own advice here is some specifics I've done to make homeschooling high school a blast:

1.  Based my graduation standards on my state's requirements for an advanced diploma.  You can find this at your state's department of education website.
2.  Even though the advanced diploma was my initial goal, based on my student's career aspirations I've eliminated the usual math/science sequence in favor of other courses yet to be determined.  FLEXIBILITY is key.
3.  Utilized homeschool co-ops and outside vendors to vary learning environments and to give student the ability to learn in different settings. Read about one such vendor here.
4.  Plan to use community college dual enrollment and public school part-time enrollment in latter high school years.  I know my own limitations. :)
5.  Beef up volunteerism and seek out opportunities to allow my student to shine in this area.
6.  Use summers to explore career aspirations including summer employment.

Have fun being creative and making your homeschool high school years the best for your student.

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  1. Way to go momma! There are many water shed moments in my home as well for the blessing of homeschool. Wishing you a blessed year.

  2. I loved reading your positive tips. My kids are only 8 and 9 (and have been homeschooled 3 years) so we are a little way off from senior school (which starts at 11 here in the UK) but people are always surprised when they ask what I'm planning to do for senior school and I tell them we will carry on right as we are.
    Isn't it a privilege being able to experience our children growing into the wonderful, unique individuals they are?

  3. Hi Sherri! It's Jackie from Let's Homeschool High School. I wanted to drop by and personally thank you for linking up with our first ever blog hop.

    Your advice is spot on. I made a few notes for myself...thank you! I believe you and your girls will have an awesome year based on your planning and flexible attitude.

    My daughter is going to take courses with the new Time4Learning high school offerings. We are both very excited about that. I love that she can work at her own pace and she is happy it's more grown-up than what she was used to in the junior high T4L. We will supplement with whatever else she wants to learn or whatever we feel she might need.

    Here's the link if anyone else is interested in checking it out.


    I look forward to linking up with you again next month.

    Let's Homeschool High School Team

  4. Very encouraging! Homeschooling the highschool years seems to be a big stumbling block for families even if they've homeschooled all along. The highschool years have been some of our best ones.



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