Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Homeschool mom's first day of school on her birthday!

Sometimes I want to see my day by watching it on film.  Was it really this crazy today?
20130903_065619.jpgHere is a snapshot of my day:

6:30 am - wake up in a panic because I set my alarm for 6 am but it didn't go off.
check on my high schooler who is already getting ready so I check my emails and double check bus times.

Today was the first time in 4 years she's ridden the school bus.

7 am - said goodbye as she rode off.  (I felt a little emotional).  For goodness sakes she is 16 but I still felt that way.

7:10 a - take the first birthday call from my mom.  She is always the 1st to call.
 - rouse the others
- get the "littles" up and dressed
- start oatmeal
- eat

20130903_101021.jpg8:30 - drive the "littles" to school, walk to classroom, chat with neighbors who are also there.
- back home to start day with homeschoolers
- prayer & scripture reading
- sit through new Videotext math program with pumpkin.  Will review this product next month...stay tuned
- observe NuNu conduct her first science experiment with Apologia General Science
- teaching multiplication of mixed numbers and reducing using cross multiples with NuNu
- back n forth to bathroom with potty training 2.5 year old
20130903_101028.jpg- conversations with hubby about decisions we will be making soon.

10:55 am - off to pick up high schooler
spend about an hour at the school working out scheduling kinks with guidance counselor

12 pm - home for lunch and emails
- check NuNu's math
- pumpkin indicates that she is done with her work for the day.  She is motivated to finish her school year early this year so she works ahead.
- put toddler down for nap

2:34 pm- take birthday phone call from my Dad.  Seriously...I only hear from him on my birthday. Long story but glad to talk to him every year on this day.
- go to post office
- go to library to print out information (my printer is down)
- stop by the store to p/u milk and salad stuff.  Run into a homeschool friend.  Chat for 5 minutes...not noticing until 9 pm tonight that I actually left the milk on the shelf next to where we were chatting!

4 pm - walk to corner to get "littles" off of bus.  Meet some new neighbors.
- fill out the mountain of forms that are sent home on the first day
- have a conversation with nutrition services ("littles" are suppose to get free lunch but they aren't on the list)
- ask Pumpkin to start dinner, I finish it.
- verify littliest of "littles" still has a spot at preschool since I haven't sent in deposit yet

- braid/twist high schooler hair (takes a loooong time!)
-more birthday phone conversations

8:00 pm - family prayer time
- listen to my middle child rant about why I don't want her to bake a cake for my birthday.

9:00 pm - moment to myself
- realize I don't have enough milk for oatmeal in the morning.

Was a great day but a lot coming off of a week of vacation.

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