Sunday, October 17, 2010

It seems like I am always looking for new resources and wanting to incorporate so much material that I don't have time to do. Sometimes the monotony of our routine sends me looking for new things to add to our studies. Day in and day out Math lesson, History reading, CDs and activities, library visit, Science reading and notebooking, Writing Lessons, etc.
I can't afford to always buy new things to add some spice to our day but if I don't switch it up I get extremely demotivated. I haven't read much about this from other moms but I can't imagine I'm alone. So I'm looking to add Art & Music Appreciation to coincide with our Middle Ages history lessons. Barb over at Harmony Art Mom seems to have the perfect affordable curriculum.

Here is how it all wrapped up this week.

DD13 - Progressing with Challenge A program through Classical Conversations. Nature study research topic this week was on Arachnids. Daily lessons in Latin and Math, and Geography focus this week, South America. Catechism memorization from two texts, Don't Check Your Brains at the Door and It Couldn't Just Happen.

DD11 & DD9 - Finishing up Feudalism in our SOTW and TOG History Lessons. We are still working on dioramas of the classes. I reviewed the First Knight with Sean Connery on last night as it was recommended on a movie list to correspond to this point in History we are studying. I think my kids would think the movie is boring so I'm going to try one other Knight movie before deciding to pull the plug on these movies altogether. Only one IEW lesson completed this week, daily math and only one Science lesson. I'm not sure why I'm not meeting my scheduled Science lessons each week. We are suppose to do two per week. I'm getting a little weary of Botany, it's a great curriculum its just that I think we've all had enough of plants. I'm skipping the flowers and pollination section as they've had a lot of this in public school so we will be moving on to the chapter on Fruits. I may have to buy another Apologia text because we will be finished with this book I believe before January.

Other happenings this week - State park visit with friends for PE, piano lessons (DD9 every Tuesday), Missionettes (every Wednesday night), Library visit (once each week).

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