Friday, October 8, 2010

Wow I can barely remember this week. It went by so fast. We went to the Shenandoah Valley over the weekend so I didn't get any planning done for homeschool. But it was a nice getaway. We visited my alma mater - James Madison University. DD9 says that's where she wants to go to college.

Here is how it all wrapped up:

Classical Conversations Challenge A
- Four Math Lessons Done. Latin exercises and Vocabulary work. She didn't do too well on her Latin quiz. I'm powerless to help as I know nothing about Latin. She does well at learning the vocabulary but gets the different verb(declensions) and noun endings (conjucations) mixed up. I guess I need to set up something with the tutor to see how I can assist. This is the last week on Central America in World Geography - map work nd country capitals. Memory/Mastery work of 1-14 of 50 Catechism questions. IEW Bible Based lessons paper this week on Jesus' words from the Gospels. Dress-Ups and writing tools worked on this week include sentence openers, and topic/clincher sentences. Science nature topic - mollusks. Her research was on Squid. Gleaned from work done with sisters in History - reviewed Fall of Rome through Alfred the Great.

Here is what the rest of the gang did this week:

DD11 - daily exercises in Wordly Wise 6, 4 math lessons complete from Saxon 6/5, 1 IEW SWI A exercise done; writing tools introduced - "who/which" clause and "-ly" words. We really should have done more but didn't work it in. Finished up chapter on Seeds in Exploring Creation with Botany. However, 12 day experiment in process in recording data on seeds growing through germination. Finished 1 of 4 shoebox diorama on Feudalism and review History lessons to date (Fall of Rome through Alfred the Great).

DD9 - same as above with the exception of math lessons from Math U See.

We've also been slowly working on a lapbook (my first attempt at one) on the Fruit of the Spirit.

Even though we do homeschool PE every Friday at a nearby park sometimes I need to really let them loose in the backyard to make some of their own fun. They surprisingly find ways to make that outdoor fun educational as I learned on yesterday.

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