Friday, October 1, 2010

Mondays are always our most productive days. Maybe its the idea of starting fresh from the rest of the weekend and going full steam on the first day of the week. Here is how it all wrapped up:

Classical Conversations Challenge A
- Four Math Lessons completed and one Test done. Latin Lessons and New Vocabulary from Latin's Not So Tough Book 3. However, dd13 would disagree that Latin isn't tough. Nature Science Topic done on the Weeping Willow. The topic this week was trees. She makes such beautiful drawings on her science reports each week. I really need to help her hone her Art Skills.
Geography topic was Central America - map drawing and memorizing countries and capitals. You are suppose to know geography terms and major bodies of water but she never seems to master the terms or major rivers. I usually let her skip them as I don't think they are all that important. Do we really need to know what a bog or cavern is?
Expository Writing (IEW Bible Based Lessons) included a paper on Faith, comparing the faith of the Centurion, Peter, and the woman with the issue of blood.
Apologetics - more memorization from the Catechism questions based on It Couldn't Just Happen and Don't Check Your Brains at the Door. Reading done from both of these texts.
I think that does it for DD13.

Here is what the rest of the gang (dd11, dd9) did this week:

We did one out of two Science lessons I planned for this week. Instead of doing two lessons next week we will do three to catch up. The girls always complete their Vocabulary exercises from Wordly Wise for their grade level and their assigned math lessons. We started Lesson 1 from IEW (Student Writing Intensive). I love the idea of having different ways of teaching subjects. For example: notebooking journal for Science, Story of the World CDs and Read Alouds for History, and DVDs for the Writing Lessons. I think the kids appreciate the variety as well to keep things interesting and so do I. DD9 had piano lessons on Tuesday but homeschool PE was cancelled today because of the puddles the rain left behind from yesterday's 24 hour rainfall. Fridays lessons plans were shot out of the water as I heard "let's go somewhere" twenty times after breakfast. I abandoned my plans and we all went shopping to find materials to make our "4 Alls" diaroma depicting feudalism during the Middle Ages. This project will include 4 shoe boxes outfitted to represent the peasant life, knighthood, monks, and nobility. I'll post pictures when it's all done.
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  1. Sounds like you had a great week. Next year I plan to join the ranks of Classical Education. How are you enjoying it. I am currently reading Well Trained Mind very interesting.



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