Wednesday, January 8, 2014


One week into the new year and it's been non stop over here.  The holidays took us up and down the highways visiting family.  I finally got an opportunity to see my nephew play on his varsity basketball team in his senior year of high school.  That was so much fun.   It reminded me of my own high school days cheering from the stands.  My nephew had his own fan section full of family members.

This past weekend my girls attended their cousins' Sweet 16 birthday party.  Wow did they have a good time.  It took me 3 hours to get them to their destination then a day later back again to pick them up.  The things a homeschool mom has to do to make sure her homeschool kids are "socialized!"  I thought it was worth the sacrifice as they don't get out and have this much fun that often.
 Now it's time to buckle down and full speed ahead to finish the school year.

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  1. Great update I know what you mean about socialization.



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