Thursday, January 23, 2014

Snowed In

Monday was a holiday so the public school was closed.  My kids got no such break.
On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday school was canceled because of snow.

It's been hard to have a "normal" school day with all the kids home.  We've managed to get Algebra done, a vocabulary test done, and almost at the end of our science module. I'm also breathing a sigh of relief for getting out Princess' application for a pre-college program she wants to attend this summer. 
Here is a round-up of our week:
  • Princess & I finished reading To Kill A Mockingbird.  Who knew this was such a good book?  Read in 2 days!
  • She is working her way through Notgrass' America the Beautiful. 
  • Princess is a few days away from finishing her Algebra 2 class in public school.  I'm so proud of her finishing up with a B average.  She will have to finish Chemistry at home using Bridget Ardoin's curriculum.  
  • NuNu is working her way through the Childrens' Homer and making steady progress in Horizons 6.  I've decided to eliminate many of the lessons as a lot of the material is repetitive.  In this way, she will be ready for Algebra I in the fall.
  • Pumpkin is steadily working through her MFW AHL curriculum and making strides in Videotext Algebra.  I love this curriculum.  
 I wish we could work more extra curricular activities into our routine.  We are managing to attend the bi-weekly events of the Kingdom Queens (KQ) group but we missed the last event.  The next event is a bowling outing.  Just not sure how to do pick up duty from school & preschool on the KQ event days.

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