Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Those important car conversations

Yesterday I ran errands with my 16 year old.  She started telling me about a movie she watched the night before.  It was a movie I've seen before about a group of married couples who go on a retreat together.  I heard her laughing hysterically from another room in the house so I asked her about which parts she felt was funny.  It led to an interesting conversation about expectations in marriage.  She jokingly shared with me how she would hypothetically handle some of the scenarios the characters in the movie dealt with.  She reminds me so much of myself as I listened to what she thinks she would do.   We laughed about it but it was a great opportunity to talk about how to avoid those situations by properly preparing for marriage before a potential partner ever enters your life. 

I am starting to feel the time getting away from us.  We really only have one good year with her before we let her go to explore life on her own away from the protection of her family.

A few years back my husband & I attended a marriage weekend, Weekend to Remember by Family Life Ministries.  During that weekend they gave us a free audiobook entitled "Interviewing Your Daughter's Date."  Coincidentally I ran across that audiobook yesterday.  Coincidental? I think not.  The audiobook is really for dads but I listened to it today.  I believe it is good material to discuss with my husband as we prepare to launch a daughter who I'm sure will encounter many situations where a guy may ask her out. It is also an opportunity to get a head start on my other two daughters who are behind her.

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