Friday, February 26, 2010

February 26, 2010

Remember as a kid on the playground how you would just walk up to a kid and ask if they wanted to get on the slide or the see-saw, and then they were forever your friend? My two best friends from college saw me and asked if I wanted to go have dinner with them in the dining hall and we were inseparable for 4 years! Seems odd as an adult to connect with people in this way. Things usually progress organically between adults as you are involved in activities together or work together. Well after 7 weeks of planning, researching, and teaching my child I realized how isolated I've become. The homeschool checklist says to join a support group but I hadn't had the time to really check one out. I did receive two newsletters from one such group but didn't see an opportunity to participate. They have an upcoming day retreat but it seems odd to show up at a member's home for a retreat for your first introduction to the group. The Classical Conversations group will provide this type of "connecting" structure next school year but we have from now until August/September to plug in somewhere.


  1. Hi Sherri, Thanks for stopping by Mishmash and Miscel-Lainie-ous. Sorry to have made you cry ;)

    The book for anatomy is published by Scholastic but we purchased it through My Father's World.

    If you check under under the Rome to Reformation year you should be able to find a close-up picture of the book to help you locate it OR you can order it through them as an individual item.

    Hope that helps!



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