Friday, March 19, 2010

Coming out of the Matrix

I read on a blog somewhere in blogosphere that for a first year homeschooling parent it is hard to convince them that homeschooling is not so much about the curriculum or even academics. I first realized that at the homeschool retreat I went to two weeks ago. These veteran homeschool moms knew something that I am beginning to realize -its really not about the academics at all. I'm sure those who are experienced in homeschool know exactly what I am speaking about; and those who know very little about homeschooling, that statement probably feeds their doubts about the whole endeavor. The more I walk down this road less traveled I realize God's hand on all of this. This isn't just about the kids getting into college or a high paying job. It is about seeking the one who created them and knowing what his will is for their lives. Believe me this takes a complete mind switch for me. To completely trust God with their future. My traditional mindset does come into play as I plan out their studies but I have to train myself to be flexible that God may be leading us in a different direction.

I often characterize this homeschool journey as coming out of the Matrix. Remember the movie? That is what I feel like. I'm going to have to watch that movie again just to make sure it truly encompasses what I'm thinking. I feel like I am living in a world I never knew existed and that through this experience I'm getting closer to a destiny I never knew I was destined to live.

As I continue to plan for next year with more than one homeschooler, I get a little overwhelmed. I have to bring myself back to - God is in control. He will always provide for his purpose. I can relax and rest in what he is doing.

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