Thursday, March 4, 2010

Week 8, Day 4

It's been a pretty productive week this week. I've even started planning for next year. As I come across different resources in my reading I jot down notes from those things that are of interest to me. I'm going to teach JW and jw(rising
4th grader) the same subject matter in History and Science next year. I was researching different ways to do this as they are on different grade levels. They will both participate in Classical Conversations (CC) next year so this will direct a lot of their lessons but I have to supplement and incorporate other subjects in some areas.

Since posting last time I did join a local homeschool support group and will be going to a day long retreat on Saturday. There will be approx. 30 moms in attendance, I'll post after the weekend how everything turned out.

JW starts swim lessons tomorrow. Eight, one hour sessions once a week. We really need to incorporate physical activity in our day. We were mall walking but that got old for me. I would love to join a gym but the price tag on the local recreation center is pricey. I'll have to plan that for down the road. I keep a list of all the things I want to take advantage of and purchase and the list gets longer and longer. Of course I feel like I need it all NOW! I guess I need to think outside of the box. I need to find a text for teaching writing. JWs writing needs some guidance. I'm looking to try Elegant Essays from IEW to get started. I would love to hear from any who has experience with this program.

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