Thursday, March 25, 2010

Catering to a Learning Style

Today was a fun day. I mentioned before that textbooks are not JW's favorite way to learn. So I went to the library last night and found a cookbook with recipes associated with time periods from every US war (revolutionary times, colonial days, civil war era, etc.) The index was filled with reference books for each time period. I pulled those books from the shelf and we spent two hours today reading about the Western Expansion. We started with Daniel Boone then read about the Lewis & Clark expeditions. Because these books were juvenile books they were very entertaining but historically accurate. It really brought the material alive. One book even had activities like making a buffalo head, an indian dancing stick, and pioneer stew. You know I'm going to try and make that stew but I'm going to leave out the bison meat :) maybe add chicken instead. I can't believe how exciting this was for me because history hasn't been the easiest thing to teach. This really made me realize again how important it is to teach to your childs strengths and get out of the box. It really helps me when a book is available to lay out a plan. You know creativity isn't one of my strengths. Spring Break is next week so maybe all of us will do the buffalo head and eat pioneer stew. I'll be posting pictures!

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