Friday, February 15, 2013

The kid who never has enough to do. . . .

Is this really an issue, a 6th grader who no matter how much you give her to do finishes before noon?

We have daily bible readings.  I try to start our day with this but if for some reason it doesn't happen the kids read the passage on their own as scheduled on their grid sheets.  She does one lesson daily in her grammar book, one lesson daily in her math book.  We do geography and science together but more times than not she is waiting on me to sit down to do it with her.  On occasion I'll copy the mapwork or worksheet for geography and she does it on her own.  I purchased a Prentice-Hall literature workbook to give her more literature work to do.  This is usually reading a short narrative, taking notes on the concept, answering a few questions about the story, and doing short assignments in a reader's journal. Finally, she is suppose to read an hour a day (may or may not happen).  She doesn't like to read.  She says it makes her sleepy.

She still is often finished between noon and 3 pm.  There is also 20-30 minutes of piano practice.  Honestly, I don't always hear the piano.  If I didn't have 6 kids (3 homeschooled and one running around in diapers) perhaps I could make sure she dotted every "i" and crossed every "t" then she wouldn't finish before the end of the day but that just isn't possible.  She really is on top of everything she just often skips the hour reading and piano practice sometimes.  I grapple with feeling guilty that I haven't planned adequately for her but then realize she will often get ....(as I'm typing I hear the piano :) and its 11:56 am)...... all the academics out of the way so that she can run off to the basement to do what she wants to do in solace - sewing, writing in her journal, building with Legos, or nod off :0.

This is where being a part of the TOS review crew is really a blessing.  While my other two older kids are swamped daily and often need the weekends to catch up, the products I have to review for the crew are a sneaky way of giving my 6th grader extra work in the name of helping mommy do a review.

I suppose having this "problem" isn't so bad I just don't want to slack off in keeping her challenged.  I desire for them all to reach their full potential.   I'm off to look at curriculum for next year perhaps a change is in order.  Something that is more challenging and takes a full academic day to complete.

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  1. If only my younger kiddo had this problem - he drags out our days!

  2. Sounds like she will be well prepared for upper level academics--that's awesome!

  3. That's a good problem to have but one that does present challenges.



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