Thursday, February 28, 2013

When will these long cold days turn into sunshine?

This is my 3rd full year homeschooling and I don't know how I'm going to make it until the end of the school year.  We are only in week 23 out of 36 and I have no mental strength.  Okay so I know part of it has to do with being sick for a week but what is the other part?  There is always housework undone, something I have to run to the grocery store for yet again, and someone always needs my attention.  And why can no one fill the dog's food and water bowl?? Really?

Perhaps I am just overwhelmed?  I think I need a women's retreat.  You know a place I can go stay overnight in a hotel room, eat food someone else has cooked, encourage and be encouraged by others.  Where can I find one of those places?

I need my motivation back and apparently I'm not the only one.  I just received an email from a friend saying she just wanted to go hide under her covers with snacks and a movie.  If we could find babysitters I would go hide somewhere with her. 

Maybe when the sun comes back out the warm breeze will bring back the optimism.


  1. I wish for sunshine and health for you soon! I have nominated you for a homeschool bloggy award--the Liebster award. Enjoy!



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