Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

The weather was great for the day.  I woke up to a early morning phone call from a friend whose young kids read me a poem and sang me a song.  That was so very special.

Eggo Waffles for breakfast (not very fancy but good) then hubby and I took a long walk to Walmart and Aldi which ended with me collapsing on the couch for a short nap.  We had Chinese take out for dinner last night so we had leftovers for lunch today.  I indulged a guilty pleasure by visiting Maggie Moos for an ice cream sundae for dinner and purchased some things from Michael's then headed home for the night.

It was a good day.

Yesterday was my youngest daughter's birthday.  She is a big 12. 
Then we visited with family to celebrate Mother's Day with my grandmother, her three children (including my mom), 5 of her 6 grandchildren, and 4 great grandchildren.  We usually get to do this once or twice a year.  My grandmother is confined to a nursing home so it is nice to get the whole family together with her.

It is back to work tomorrow.  Co-op has finished but Princess has a redo on a Geometry test and a final to complete.  Her Art instructor will be out of town indefinitely so she will have to finish her final drawing on her own. We are already in summer mode (in our minds) so we have got to stay focused.  I will be doing my end of the year testing next Thursday and Friday and after that I'm going to need a miracle to keep working as we still have a lot of stuff to do.

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