Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The Week in Review

In a word?  Busy, Busy, Busy.....ok that was three words.  We greeted out of town guests on Friday then left for a 3.5 drive to attend a nephew's college graduation early Saturday morning; entertained friends for a barbecue on Sunday; more visiting with out of town guests on Monday; and tackled the load of laundry on Tuesday all while nursing a feverish, coughing 2 year old all 4 days.  I'm tired but was all worth it. We rarely spend good quality time with friends.  It is a welcome treat.

My kids jokingly say I never give them vacations, snow days, or time off.  My thought is there are always occasions where we have to take time off because of life's happenings so there is no need to schedule it.   There are 6 weeks or less before the official start of summer.  Even with no scheduled time off (other than Thanksgiving and Christmas) the year still seems to get away from me.  There are still papers that need to be written, books to finish, and pages of math problems waiting to be solved.  I never intended to be a year round schooler but it just may end up being that way.

I've taken away the electronic gadgets so that my girls can stay focused with the end of year in full sight.  I just pray they've done enough to be ready for the next level.  It starts all over again in August.

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