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Papa's Pearls

 Diane Flynn Keith, author of Papa’s Pearls: A Father's Gift of Love To His Children and Grandchildren, is the middle daughter of Jan & Carol Fynn of San Francisco, California.  She grew up with one older sister and a younger brother. Diane and her siblings share the nuggets of truth given to them by her Papa over the course of his life.  Papa’s wisdom not only helped to develop his own children but went on to affect the lives of his grandchildren and great grandchildren.

I love this little morsel of a book.  It made me spring into action and laugh out loud. 
What a wonderful tribute to a beloved family patriarch.  It made me think of my own husband and father-n-law.  They are strong men who work hard for their families and pass down valuable truths to be given to the next generation.

On a deeper level this book made me think of the tremendous value intact family structures have on the success of children.  As a society we face so many ills that we shake our heads at.  Many look to the government, the schools, and everywhere else to solve these problems.  I dare to believe if one committed mom and one committed dad get together to bring up their children like Mr. & Mrs. Carol Flynn, what a difference could be made in the world in which we live.Mrs. Keith didn’t speak much about every sibling or family member’s position in life to date.  However, it was easy to read between the lines and glean just how successful the Flynn clan has become.  

Even though this book is about Papa, it has encouraged me to be a better a mom.  Papa appreciated the support of his wife in his many business endeavors.  Her example jumped off the page and into my own experience with my entrepreneurial husband.  It also caused me to reflect on the role my husband plays in rearing our children.  I am careful to show him my gratitude for all he does as a provider and a present father in the home. 

Like Papa, I’ve watched my husband teach my girls the value of money.  They earn their allowances and are required to save 50% of their earnings.   My husband insists they use debit cards after one child lost some cash.  As a result, they carefully consider how they spend.  I often see them track their expenditures on-line and they have learned to negotiate with vendors while on vacation, skills that will no doubt benefit them in life. Extended family and friends often comment on their responsibility.  I often defer to him to help resolve conflicts between the girls.  He so easily sees two sides of the situation and helps them negotiate their differences.  Just like Papa he is such an integral part of their development and their future success. 

This book is a good read for anyone wanting some encouragement or direction in their parenting.  It is also a good graduation gift for students preparing to enter into life.  It teaches some poignant lessons on work ethics, commitment, money management to include saving and investments, relationships, faith, and family.  You can purchase an autographed copy of  Papa's Pearls: A Father's Gift of Love To His Children and Grandchildren here for $21.97.  Or you can purchase a copy from

My laugh out loud moments in the book included reading these excerpts:
Papa's Pearls 
“I pray because I want God to know I’m around, so when He starts passing things out - I get some.”

“When you do what no else wants to, you can charge whatever you want.  Just tell yourself you like it and that it smells like money.”  He said this as he walked through calf high sewer water.

Papa’s debt collection method, “Give me my money, you *** of * *****!”

I was most encouraged by the following:

“The best time to take action on something that will help you accomplish a goal is always now.  Strike while the iron is hot.  Delay in implementation can cause you to miss opportunities.”

“A positive outlook improves every facet of life.  People who have positive attitudes are winners in good times, and survivors in hard times.  You are what you think.  Tell yourself you like it.”

“Life is too short.  Relax. Take a little time off.”

The Epilogue made me cry but I am a sap.  The pictures at made me cry too!  What an enjoyable book.  

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  1. Hi Sherri! Thank you for this thoughtful review of "Papa's Pearls." I really enjoyed reading the comments about your own family. I also appreciate that you think this would make a good gift book for graduates. I thought you might like to know that I'm having a Papa's Pearls Father's Day Contest. Share a memory about your own father or grandfather and be entered to win a $50 Gift Card to Amazon. Get the details here:
    Thanks, again! :)

    1. You are welcome. I still find myself thinking about some of the advice from the book. It left a good impression on me.



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