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See The Light

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 I received a copy of “Repeated Sweets” for review, an Art project DVD from See The Light.  Pat Knepley is the Master Artist for See the Light Art Class series and See the Light Art Projects DVD series.

The Fundamentals are taught in the Art Class DVD series.  The series includes 9 DVDs which is a year’s worth’s of art lessons covering basic to advanced skills.    The whole boxed set can be purchased for $99.99 or each DVD can be purchased separately for $14.99.  The DVDs cover the following:

Volume 1 – The Basics
Volume 2 – Shape & Space
Volume 3 – Value & Color
Volume 4 – Color Blending Techniques
Volume 5 – Proportions for Composition
Volume 6 – Texture & Form
Volume 7 – Perspective for the Landscape
Volume 8 – Balance & Foreshortening
Volume 9 – The Portrait

Art Projects is considered the next level after Art Class and is a year’s worth of art lessons based on the work of 9 famous artists.  The entire boxed set can be purchased for $99.99 or each individual DVD can be purchased separately for $14.99.  The DVDs cover the following:

  1. Tiffany Window - Draw a window in the style of Louis Comfort Tiffany
  2. Repeated Sweets – Draw a watercolor painting in the style of American pop artist Wayne Thiebaud
  3. Paper Jungle – Create a paper collage in the style of French artist Henri Rousseau
  4. Pointillism Fruit – Create a fruit still life in the style of Georges Seurate
  5. Poppy Collage – Create an abstract flower in the style of American artist Georgia O’Keeffe
  6. Dreams of Joseph – Art History focus on the style of Marc Chagall
  7. Horsing Around – Works of art in the style of Edgas Degas
  8. Peaceful Seas – Art History focus on the style of Winslow Homer
  9. Sunflowers – Create an oil pastel in the style of Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh
  10. Cartooning – Classical Cartooning

You will need to purchase some common art supplies which can be found at your local arts & crafts store.  The supplies needed to complete each project is listed at the website.  Some of the supplies needed include plain white paper, pastel and watercolor paper, poster board, watercolors, oil pastels, pencils, kneaded eraser, and scissors.

All the Art project DVDs run about 1.5 – 2 hours but students should allow 3-4 hours to complete projects.  The projects are geared to students over age 10.

Pumpkin (Grade 8) and NuNu (Grade 6) used Repeated Sweets for this review.  They popped in the video and followed the instructions given by Master Artist Pat Knepley to complete their project. purchased cupcakes for inspiration but it really wasn’t needed.  The sweets were all set up in the DVD lesson for the kids to see.  However, my cupcakes made for a nice treat at the end of Day 1. 
The DVD included everything they needed to complete their project.  Pumpkin described the lesson as fun and she looked forward to each lesson. 

Repeated Sweets includes 4 lessons all under 30 minutes each.  Working on one lesson per week, the project will be completed in a month.  It took my kids 4 consecutive days to finish the work.  They wanted to keep working until they finished the project.  At that rate we would finish a year’s worth of lessons in 10 weeks!

My 8th grade daughter asked me to purchase another project.  They all really enjoyed Repeated Sweets.

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