Sunday, June 9, 2013

A Weekend With No Children

So I am not used to being alone, at least not all day.  Well I really wasn’t alone.  I was just without kids all weekend.  I’ve had 6 kids for the last 11.5 months but this weekend I had none.  I attended my youngest brother’s graduation from high school on Saturday morning followed by a get together at his mom’s with family.  Then I attended my state’s homeschool convention graduation ceremony.  I ended the day falling asleep in my husband’s lap before retiring for the night.

It was an interesting contrast between the public school graduation I attended in the morning and the homeschool graduation in the afternoon.  In both graduations, the graduates marched in with cap and gown and much fanfare from the audience.  There was a presentation of the colors and the pledge of allegiance but after that things were very different.  At the homeschool graduation:

  1. The ceremony opened in prayer.
  2. There were two musical selections from a small singing group.
  3. There was no valedictorian address
  4. Parents presented diplomas to students.

The program at the public school graduation listed many scholarships that students earned.  The homeschool graduation program listed whatever information the graduate deemed important.  I read many of the bios which included how long the student had been homeschooled, their favorite bible verses and special talents, and some listed their plans for the future including the college they would attend.   Both were large having a graduating class of around 200 graduates. 

Several of the local support groups offer their own graduation ceremonies. I would like to attend one of these to figure out which type of graduation I would like for my own graduate in 2 years.  

My weekend ended with church this morning (just hubby & I) and dinner out at The Cheesecake Factory.  Nice.

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  1. Homeschooling graduations are so classy compared to the other schools I've seen. I'm not sure what we will chose when the time comes. My oldest is only 10, so we have some time!



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