Saturday, June 15, 2013

An Awesome Weekend

What an awesome weekend.  We took family photos for the first time in 10 years this morning and for the first time we took outside shots instead of the stuffy studio shots we normally take.  I can’t wait to see the results.  The photographer picked on me a little about my facial expressions so I pray the final pictures come out fine.  I tend to have a serious facial expression so it was a bit of a challenge to smile on cue.

Friday night the girls had salon visits and we spent a lot of time with a make-up artist in the mall trying to figure out color matches so that we can do our own make-up for the photo shoot.  When it was all said and done she totalled everything and watched my eyes pop out of my head when the total came close to $300.  This was make-up for two people -crème-to-powder foundation, pressed powder, bronzer, concealer, eye shadow, blush, lip gloss, etc. etc.  I do not normally buy make-up because I only really wear it on Sundays and on special occasions so I have no idea how much people pay for make-up.  I started back tracking and eliminating products in favor of the bare necessities.  The make-up lady looked devastated and I felt kind of bad because she spent over an hour with us showing us how to apply the make-up and doing our faces. 

 I actually made a phone call to my husband right in front of the sales lady to explain the circumstances to him hoping to receive an official okay before making my purchase.  The sales lady said she was really impressed with that as she never sees her customers do that.  I thought that was funny.  The photographer did comment on my make-up looking nice so I guess we did a pretty decent job.  And perhaps this make-up will last forever given the price!

We ended the day visiting the MLK memorial and of course a trip to D.C. Cupcakes.  It was just a lovely day all around.


  1. I have not bought make-up for a long time. It is nice to have someone spend some time showing you what to use. Can't wait to see the photos.

    1. Thanks Beth. The photos came out great. Trying to make decisions now regarding the shots I want. Will post after everything is finalized.



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