Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mom when is school over?


I never have an "official" last day of school.  The kids know they will continue to read and do math throughout the summer so why actually declare the year over?  I don't want the school switch to go "off" in their heads so let's just say we are transitioning to a relaxed schedule.

In my opinion our entire school year is more relaxed than what makes me comfortable but we progress and adequately cover all subjects.  I'm not quite sure why I still have that angst about our schedule, nonetheless it is always there.  You know the thought that "it isn't enough, we should be doing more."

I signed the younger two up to do BJU's summer reading program.  Incentives are a huge hit over here.  They will all continue doing their current math programs.  NuNu will be finishing Horizons 5, Pumpkin is working through the Keys series - Algebra.   Princess will be taking her Geometry final this week and brushing up on Algebra I skills over the summer.  I'm not quite sure how she will fit her Algebra review in with her busy summer schedule.  She has two summer programs to attend, a week at abuelitos (grandparents), finishing up driver's ed, and vacation time.   Before you know it it will be Labor Day.    In the meantime we will enjoy days at the pool, spontaneous road trips, and lazy days at home.  We will enjoy every moment in the sun.


  1. We school year round too. Our neighbors think it is crazy, but they are so jealous when we take time off while they have school scheduled.



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