Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Family in Transition

Sometimes I think about the children of Israel living in the desert in tents.  They had to be ready to pack up at a moment’s notice when Moses said it was time to move.  Likewise, I think about how we live and if God was calling us to move how ready would
we be?  Perhaps that is why so many people are leaning toward living simpler lives.

For different reasons, we’ve moved 3 times in the last 5 years.  I knew the first two moves were temporary so I was very conscientious about not accumulating things.  I thought we were settling in for a long while when we moved last but circumstances have changed which means we are moving again.  Now I know how military families feel.

There is some excitement and anticipation for experiencing new places and meeting new friends but the transition is never easy.  Packing is no fun but purging is liberating.    Homeschooling during a transition isn’t easy either.  In our last move I remember we didn’t do school for an entire week.  We needed that week to set up our new home.  This go around I have 3 extra kids who will transition with us and that just adds a different dimension to the whole move.

The next time I get settled perhaps I will remember how I feel right now.  Determine to live simply so it isn’t such a challenge to just pick up and go wherever God may lead.


  1. Hi, Sherri. I'm visiting from the LetsHomeschoolHighSchool blog roll.
    I'm commenting on this blog post and your last.
    We used to receive the God's World News several years back. As my kids got older, we tried the older series, but weren't impressed. After reading your thorough review, I think we'll give it another try. At the time we used it, I don't think they had the internet access you mention. It all sounds very interesting. Thank you for sharing all that information!
    And to this recent blog post, I have been thinking recently that I need to simplify, especially in the area of our bookshelves. Now that my kids are getting older and my younger one has an online curriculum, there are many books that are just collecting dust on my bookshelf. So this is something I really need to just do: simplify and purge. Thanks for the motivation! I enjoyed visiting and I look forward to your next post!

    I also want to invite you back to the next LHSHS hop.


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