Saturday, October 12, 2013

Fresh & Local

I'm not sure how common produce auctions are but there is one about 1.5 hours away from me that I absolutely love.  A friend took me 2 years ago and it was absolutely amazing. This auction sells seasonal produce 3x/week straight from the local Amish farms.  It is so much fun bidding on items and getting a steal of a deal.  I have to be careful because unless you use or freeze right away you end up throwing out your deals because fresh only lasts for a little while.

You can really taste the difference using fresh tomatoes and peppers picked that morning in your meals.  I froze green beans and tomatoes but used most of my kale.  Of course my potatoes will last for quite some time and we are still eating the apples.  This auction goes from April to October so perhaps I'll have a chance to make one more visit before the season ends.

Bona Appetit!

can't remember how much

box of green beans $5

& box of peppers $1

 Yes $1


3 bags of kale $3.50

Chili with the day's tomatoes & peppers 

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