Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer's end is quickly approaching

It is really a challenge to do a weekly wrap up with so many product reviews going on around here but I have a lot of neat things to share.  I was literally twittling my thumbs last summer looking for things to do to keep busy.  This year I can barely keep up.  I've had 3 new children join my household since July 6th so I know that has a lot to do with it.  We went from consuming 1 gallon of milk in 10 days to 3 gallons in a week!  BIG adjustment and a lot of store runs but that is a story for another time.

Princess needed to recover from her 2 week leadership institute 2 weeks ago at JMU but she only got one week's rest before we I signed us all up to volunteer at a summer camp for kids.  It was only two days, 2.5 hours each and lunch was provided.  It wasn't bad and a lot of fun to work with an agency dedicated to bring great programs to underprivileged kids.

Then she started an 8 week SAT writing class through (review coming up in a few weeks).  Lastly, she has been attending a Math & Science camp all this week at George Washington University.  I have to drive every morning during morning rush hour to drop her off by 8:30 am then back again to pick her up by 3:30 pm.  I use the HOV lanes so I am able to get there in about 40 minutes if I don't take a wrong turn which I do  If anyone has ever driven in the metro DC area you understand!  The things we do for our kids.  

She has spent the week designing and constructing a bridge model.  She has tinkered with computer design software, she budgeted funds for material costs and built a mini-model to withstand weight.  It has been a great experience for her.

mini model
the final bridge
She is so tired and I feel a little sorry for her but I know it is all good practice for her.  She is using the skills we learn during the school year and putting it to work in the outside world with kids her own age.  Her one consistent response to me about her experiences this summer is "now I remember why I hate group projects!"

While Princess is all work and very little play, we spent a day at Kings Dominion.  The weather was perfect and there were no long lines.  I didn't feel bad leaving Princess behind since she went to Six Flags while at JMU without us. 

It been a good week.  Curriculum planning looms in the back of my mind but I just can't bring myself to pick up any books.  I'm praying it will just all come together when I need it to. 

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  1. The bridge model is very impressive! Great job!



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