Monday, August 13, 2012

Vocab Videos

Vocab Videos presents the 500 most frequently used SAT words to teach high school students vocabulary to be successful on college entrance tests, specifically the SAT.

Each video consists of 20 words presented in vignettes linked together to tell a story.  Some videos are amusing and got plenty of laughs from my girls.  Others videos are set in situations that I wouldn’t necessarily use to teach my girls academic content. 

What I like most about the service is the study resources tab that is available to help reinforce the vocabulary introduced.  My favorite is the list of vocabulary words organized by definition groups.  For example, the words alleviate, appease, mitigate, and temper are listed under the category “feel better.”  This gives the student another way to learn the words through grouping by definition.  Crossword puzzles and study worksheets that can be saved as flashcards are also available under this tab to reinforce learning.  After viewing the video of 20 words that are grouped, students are able to take an online quiz.  These quizzes are also available in pdf form under the Study Resources tab at

I have seen similar type videos produced by a high school language arts teacher and thought it was a very creative way to teach SAT vocabulary.  By comparison, the teacher’s approach used lots of random animation to teach vocabulary.  I can still remember some of the words we reviewed while viewing that program because of the images.  However, the reinforcement tools available with Vocab Videos offer that extra something to help with mastery of the words.

Overall, I like the program.  I plan to use the videos, quiz pdf files, and crossword puzzles with my high schooler this year as a gentle introduction to SAT review.  There is a dashboard to manage your student’s progress through the program should that appeal to you.

Much of the curriculum in our homeschool includes Christian content.  I am not opposed to using secular materials but some of the situational comedy included in the Vocab Videos isn’t my preference.  However, my high school student is mature enough to handle the content and it opens up discussion between us.  Her comments during some of the videos have been “that is so unnecessary” and “huh?”  For the ultra conservative it may be an issue so my advice is to view them first and decide on what is right for your family. 
You can sign up for a 30 day free trial to learn more. 

For an educator account you get unlimited access for a 12 month subscription for $74.99 which includes:
  • Teacher Dashboard to monitor student progress
  • Individual student accounts
  • Access to all videos and study materials
  • Digital Quizzes, Multi-media Flashcard Maker, Digital Worksheet
For a student account you get either a 6 month subscription ($24.99) or a 12 month subscription ($39.99) which includes:
  • Access to the entire video library of 500 Vocab Videos
  • Total access to an extensive suite of study resources and tools: digital quizzes, digital worksheets, multimedia flashcard maker, downloadable crossword puzzles
See what my "crew mates" thought of Vocab Videos by clicking on the image box below:
 Disclaimer:  As a member of the TOS Crew, I received this product, at no cost to me, in exchange for my honest review.  All opinions are mine.

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