Monday, July 22, 2013

Ad Camp

So Princess had one week's rest between her Art Intensive at Sweet Briar College and AdCamp at Howard University.  I drove her everyday to Ad Camp in traffic and back home again every evening in rush hour traffic.  It was grueling but it was a small sacrifice for what she gained.

Unless we are intentional, homeschoolers don't get the same experience with group projects and oral presentations as that of public/private school students.  Ad Camp allowed Princess to have a valuable experience working with a group of her peers to solve a real world problem for Papermate's pen line InkJoy.  The usual group dynamic was at play - the dominator, the passivist, and the do nothing guy.  But she persevered and her team delivered an outstanding oral presentation to the InkJoy representative present at the final presentation.

I was so impressed with each group's work.  These are high schoolers working under the supervision of a Howard University professor.  Many of these kids had no experience or exposure to the advertising industry.  They visited local advertising agencies and really got a feel for the profession.

I was so fortunate that Princess received a full scholarship to this Camp and was able to gain a wealth of information and experiences.

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