Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Hobby Lobby...oh my!

How come no one told me what I was missing?  This place is a decorator's dream.  If you read my blog often you know we recently took family photos so I visited the normal spots looking for photo frames - Target (not enough variety), Kohl's (too expensive), Michael's (didn't have the large frame sizes on the shelves), etc. so I took a 15 minute drive south to visit Kirkland's.   A few blocks over from the Kirkland's was the Hobby Lobby so I thought I would check it out.  An hour and a half later I'm stuffing my car with photo frames from the 80% off aisle!  What??  I have never been so excited about a place in a long time and how come no one ever told me?  This was last week.

I went back again this week to re-check the 80% off aisles.  They've added more stuff! Oh hour and a half later....well you know.  So I finally get some of my daughter's art work into frames to do a wall outside of her door with just her work.  I'm sure hoping I can get this wall finished before she gets back home next week.  I'm all over Pinterest looking at photo galleries to figure out how to do the new family photos.  That gets me thinking about all the other photos I have in the basement that I should make photo galleries for.  I can't even sleep thinking about all the home projects I suddenly want to start and/or finish and when I can make a trip back down to Hobby Lobby.  I have nothing on the walls in my master bedroom, the dining room has a bare wall I suddenly have ideas for.  I'm thinking of re-doing what I have going on in the foyer and the basement.  One room, one wall at a time.  Hobby Lobby & Pinterest....I am in trouble.

Here is the beginning rough draft of my photo gallery for the new family photos.

Wish me well.  I'll post pics if I ever get finished with this project.

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